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Step into the spiritual realm where tarot readings and spell castings are done through sophistication and allure. Where the impossible is possible. Where there is spiritual balance, revenge, healing, success, spiritual removals, cut and clears, sweet baths, sweetening jars, cleansings and a fully stocked e commerce metaphysical store. Black and white magic is practiced beyond our doors of mystical traditions that have been passed down through New Orleans for centuries.

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Welcome to Psychic Conjure

Psychic Tyra is the founder and CEO of Psychic Conjure. New Orleans born and raised with a powerful gift of clairvoyance. Psychic Conjure is a full service spiritual chamber that caters to clients from all around the world. Psychic Conjure has capitalized on full service spiritual services for years and has now expanded into a full service spiritual e commerce metaphysical store where practitioners, intermediates and beginners can purchase their spiritual products at affordable prices. In our collections you will find 7 day candles, 14 day candles, pullout candles, orisha candles, image candles, big al candles and prayer candles. You will also find money soaps, love soaps, luck soaps, protection soaps, cleansings soaps and various attraction soaps. Need spiritual oils we got you covered with a variety of oils for you to choose from along with incense and pheromones. Our collections don't stop there, you can have various options to choose from when it comes to baths and floor washes.

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Discover our latest arrivals


Discover our latest arrivals


Unlocking The Truth: With Psychic Tyra

Psychic Tyra has gained a reputation for providing accurate readings that leave her clients in awe. Her abilities to tap into the spiritual realm and connect with a higher consciousness have lead her to uncover profound insights and answers, offering guidance and healing to those who seek help.

One of the key reasons behind Tyra's accurate readings is her unwavering dedication to her craft. Over the years, she has honed her skills through extensive training and practices, allowing her intuition to flourish and become finely attuned. With every reading she conducts, Tyra goes above and beyond to ensure that she enters a state of heightened awareness, creating the perfect environment for accurate predictions to take place.


What our customers say

  • Return To Me Spell

    I ordered the return to me spell after I had my first cleansing done by psychic Tyra, she truly is a treasure! He returned to me 3 days after the casting!

    Masha Clark

  • Bath Rituals

    I was having a hard time getting a promotion and I had been with the company I'm employed with for 7 years. I had a 10 minute reading done first and the time flys. I then asked psychic Tyra if she had time for a full phone reading and I had that done with her. Super detailed and scary accurate! I was recommended the cleansing, the prosperity ritual and the success bath ritual. After my cleansing not only was I promoted but money and opportunities were flowing in. Even people that owed me money were paying me back for all the times they borrowed money from me. I will be working with psychic Tyra for a long time after this because she can be trusted.

    Nicole Moore

  • Jar Spells

    I have had a series of baths, spell casting services and Jar spells done with psychic Tyra simply because they work. I have seen results non stop with everything she has done for me. The spells usually take about 3 days to a week to manifest and the baths and dark work manifest immediately.

    Ellie Smith