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Digital Live Readings

Digital Live Readings

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Psychic Tyra offers digital live readings where she connects with clients around the world through google meet. Once a reading is paid for Psychic Tyra will email you an invitation through google meet so that you can join her through a video call. Enjoy the comfort of your own home while having your reading done by Psychic Tyra, clients find this reading to be extremely convenient and relaxing. Unwind with a reading for the evening done by Psychic Tyra. This reading comes in 3 time durations. 

20 mins 

30 mins 

60 mins

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Psychic reading

Let me tell you. The day I had the appointment I was kinda delayed due to my mechanic fixing my vehicle. He had some other business to handle since he was mobile. So I call Tyra a few times just to let her know what was happening on my side. Fast forward. She was willing to see me and I wanted was to get that reading so bad truly I was desperate for answers and help. Yeah. My appointment was scheduled for 6pm although it was late she still took me in. The moment I got there, she looked right at me and got down to business knowing how broken and empty I was. Man let me tell you. She saw everything accurately wrong with me and on point with it. She even knew that I was missing a lost love and who caused me to lose her. All I can say is the next time I go back to meet up with Tyra I will be working with her on gaining my life back and to deal with the person who caused the break up and other stress on me has been nothing but HELL to my life. Anyhow for those reading this. If you want to know how you are doing with your life in all of your surroundings, hey. Do not hesitate to look up Psychic Tyra. She can let you what is happening to you.

Chris From Mississauga
In Depth Reading

Psychic Tyra was able to read me without me telling her anything, not tell me what I wanted to hear but genuinely tap into things I don't discuss. One thing I like about her is she didn't tell me that I was cursed or become forceful about having anything removed. When the reading was complete she gave me 10 minutes to ask any questions that I may have and surprisingly she had covered everything. While I was still there I asked her for a specific day and time that I could be booked in for a spell consultation and she told me to book through the website. When I went to book she was booked up for the next two weeks. I asked her can you please fit me in she smiled and said no can do, First come first serve. We laughed and I booked her next available date which was 3 weeks away. That's my experience with Psychic Tyra.

Jessica -- New Orleans
Psychic Tyra Came To New Orleans

I first came across Psychic Tyra years ago when she was practicing in Texas, she was the most accurate hoodoo queen in the south. Yes your precious Psychic Tyra is from the south and has practiced for many years in the south. Fast Forward last year I was facing some serious spiritual attacks that I knew nobody would be able to understand like Tyra would so I called her but when I did she said to me I was waiting for your call your love life and finances are under attack. You have eaten from someone you shouldn't have eaten from a friend disguised as a snake. I stood in shock forgetting how powerful she was because it had been a while since I had seen and spoken to her. Her approach was to guide me through the process like old times but I did not want that, I needed her to come through. I asked her if she was traveling for work at the time and she said no not at the moment and I asked her if she would make the trip all expenses paid including her fees on top of it because we needed her to do what she knew how to do best. Not only did psychic Tyra show up with her team but she got to work immediately when she landed. We experienced a quick turn around and she also did work for others that she hadn't seen in a long time but required her services. When it was all said and done and time for her to leave I reminded her that she never missed a beat and not to stay away from home for to long because we all still need her and then she was off. Complete peace in her eyes while I stood with tears in mine. Tyra is not only a spiritual leader but also a mentor, a teacher and a great friend that is always in-tuned.

In Depth Love Reading With Psychic Tyra

Psychic Tyra was recommended to me by a friend when I was on the verge of loosing my marriage. I called in to inquire about what reading would best suit the questions I had and about what reading would reveal the answers I was seeking. Tyra was the most down to earth person I have ever met and she made me feel connected to her in some way. The way she spoke, her wave of confidence and her caring approach. She walked me through how to book my in person reading online because she doesn't take cash and shortly after I was on my way to my appointment with her. My in-depth love reading was more detailed then I was ready for so much to the point that I broke out in tears. Her accuracy is unmatched but her wisdom and the way she explains spell casting in depth is nothing I have ever experienced. I not only decided to have a cleansing done but I also had a reconciliation ritual done for my marriage and a spoil me with love ritual done. To seal the work I went back for a binding ritual for my marriage and it was well worth it. I am so grateful to you Tyra for saving my marriage. The changes is my partner have been great and I am extremely excited to have my custom business spell casted in the next few days! Stay you Psychic Tyra and stay traditional. Thank you.