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Psychic Tyra's Journey

There's a story behind every single spiritualist but mine is exquisite and packed with traditions and culture. From 12 years old I could read like a grown woman, yet confined to a child's body it scared some, intrigued the wise and was respected amongst every elder that laid eyes on me. It's no secret that my perspective is different. My eyes are like a manignifineglass when it comes to spirituality. Peoples auras and situations get read like a book sitting before me. Rituals, conjuring and rootwork is not on me it's in me. I have been practicing since I was able to comprehend. I practice what is unheard of to new age witches. What I practice is packed with tradition and referred to as the old ways. Where you used whatever you could to cast and practice. Before items were manufactured and made, powders were made by grinding the herbs and roots you handpicked and combined to create your sachet powders. When you needed oil for a specific purpose you would use olive oil as your base and charge the oils with herbs and spices directly out of your spice cabinet. When it came to candle work and you didn't have access to what you needed you were taught to practice solely based on colour and intention. The real powder comes from raw intentions, uncut emotion concentration and obedience. Then comes the part that makes these new age spiritualist uncomfortable, communicating directly with spirits. Summoning spirit to do your bidding while offering them payment for their workings. Spell casting is not just about tools, and incantations, there's a depth and dark side just like there's a sweet and light side but one side can not actively exist or bare fruit without the other. You cannot substitute evil for good, both sides have to co exist to maintain the balance on earth and in the spiritual realm. In this realm there's no 3 fold rule. I am not a light worker. I am a conjurer. No fairytales here. You request something and I bring it to fruition with no judgment and no backfiring. Backfiring is a myth that spiritualist have told for years in fear of the depth of spirituality. At psychic conjure no gifts are limited and all clients are protected the moment their case is taken on. I have recently expanded from a full service spiritual chamber to a fully stock e commerce metaphysical store so that everyone can purchase their spiritual products at an affordable price.

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We have various spiritual soaps to combat any kind of spiritual situation. Use These soaps to get rid of evil, bring a loved one back, to cut and clear away any spiritual situation, for money drawing, luck drawing and attraction. We have a wide variety of spiritual soaps to choose from so let your spirit guide you when choosing the soaps best for your situation.

Fashions may go out of style but style never goes out of fashion.

Fashions may go out of style but style never goes out of fashion.