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Obatala 7 Day Orisha Candle

Obatala 7 Day Orisha Candle

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Burn our 7 Day Orisha Obatala candle for guidance from Obatala. Obatala is a powerful Orisha who guides thought and rule over all that is unjust. He is the protector of the innocent and punisher of the guilty.

Call on Obatala if you need protection and guidance with legal issues. He will help you find the right path and make sure justice is served. He will also help you find the courage to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

Our 7 Day Orisha Obatala candle is the perfect way to connect with this powerful Orisha. Always remember that Obatala aids the innocent and punishes the guilty. Let him guide you on your journey to justice and truth.

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