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Buddha 7 Day Scented Candle

Buddha 7 Day Scented Candle

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Our 7 Day Scented Lucky Buddha Candle is the perfect way to bring good luck, prosperity, peace, and wisdom into your life. This candle is made with a special blend of essential oils and herbs, and is designed to burn for seven days.

The Lucky Buddha Candle is hand-poured with a unique blend of natural waxes and fragrances. The scent is a combination of sandalwood, jasmine, and patchouli, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

This candle is perfect for meditation, prayer, or simply to bring a sense of peace and serenity into your home. Light the candle and let the aroma fill your space with positive energy and good vibes.

Bring the power of the Lucky Buddha into your life with our 7 Day Scented Lucky Buddha Candle. Get yours today at

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