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Faithful, Do As I Say And Bewitched

Faithful, Do As I Say And Bewitched

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Faith and bewitched is a ritual to keep your partner faithful, in love with you, and for them to do as you say at all times. If you disagree they will agree with you no matter what. This casting is for those who want their partner to do as they say but also be completely devoted to their love and their love only.

This casting is powerful and it is more of a controlling working then a love spell. This is a triple strength love spell that strips your partner of their guards and any free will they may have had before the ritual. Perfect for stubborn partners.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gotta Give Credit Where It's Due

It worked. 5 days tops.

Sandra Evans
Game Changer

Spell worked perfectly in less then a week. Now booked in for a spell casting consultation for my businesses to gain the ultimate success. Psychic Tyra is Truly gifted. Thank you!

Crystal Brooks
Worked In 5 days!!!

This spell worked so fast omg I am still in shock. He needed to be tamed and be all about me and trust what I say. Yes I am booked in for a spell casting consultation to purchase more spells.