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Obsession Sweetening Jars

Obsession Sweetening Jars

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The Obsession Sweetening Jars do exactly what they are called - they make a partner obsessed with you. You can expect your partner to call you more, text more, come around more and praise the ground that you walk on. If you like to be love bombed, this is the perfect sweetening jar for you.

This jar works on the most prideful and the most stubborn. If you would like your partner to be obsessed with you and you want to feel like a priority in his or her life, then get you an obsession sweetening jar spell.

I will warn all of those that like to test things out. This sweetening spell is also done with a rooted sweet potato, so be sure that this is what you want. Tyra will charge triple to undo this love jar. You've been warned.

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