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Return To Me Bath Ritual

Return To Me Bath Ritual

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When you are doing any kind of returning to me love casting rituals, you need to make sure you cleanse first and then follow up with a Return To Me Bath Ritual. This product from is designed to lift the frequency of your energy and align it with the person you are trying to pull towards you. Without cleansing, you risk no result or major backfires due to blockages.

The cleansing process removes all blockages and cleans your spirit from head to toe. When paired with the Return To Me Love Ritual, the two work in perfect harmony to bring the desired result.

 No matter what bath package is chosen or what strength is chosen, you will receive instructions and prayers that need to be said while preparing the bath ritual and taking the bath ritual. Your guidance call with psychic Tyra is completely free after a bath is purchased and once you receive your package. Psychic Tyra will walk you through the preparation of your baths and exactly how to do your baths step by step and what prayers need to be said while taking your ritual baths. 

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