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Self Love Ritual

Self Love Ritual

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For all of you that continuously put others first and forget that you matter, Your feelings matter, you have a voice in anything you are involved in, this one is for you. This Self Love Ritual spell is a reminder to put yourself first and it`s a dual love casting to attract love to you, loyal friends, loyal and secure relationships, to dissolve any kind of overthinking and blockages and to remind you to love yourself and put yourself first.

This casting also draws abundance in love, healthy friendships, and causes you to give yourself some grace and stop being so hard on yourself. This is an amazing spell for everybody to have done so that their love path can shine brightly always.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah Taylor
Love This!!!

So I was up late searching for a psychic reading because the breakup I had experienced was killing me. I came across psychic Tyra and I called her right there and then, she picked up. It had to have been around 2am and I was emotional and she didn't tell me to call back during business hours. No she explained the difference between a reading and a spell consultation. I booked both services and the in person reading was accurate and the spell consultation was different. She didn't judge me for my first reflex of wanting my ex back but she explained to me that I needed to put myself first and leave the toxicity alone. I had a walnut cut and clear done to cut all ties to my ex, I had a self love ritual and a love bath ritual to reopen my love path. Her love spells draw and attract even opportunities like a magnet. Her spell casting is unique.

Paige Conner
This Ritual Worked For My Daughter

Perfect for children being bullied at school especially if a child is overweight. I have definitely noticed a change in attitude, behaviour and emotions when it comes to my 15 year old daughter. The self love ritual paired with the love bath ritual worked wonders and is kid friendly. I have my in person reading booked for next week along with a spell casting consultation as well but this time for myself.

Tasha Collen
My Journey

I booked a spell consultation with Tyra because I was unsure what love spell would work the best for my personal spiritual journey. I ended up having a cleansing bath ritual done along with a self love ritual, it's made the world of difference. The attraction and opportunities that come with these spells are unexplainable. I highly recommend.